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R P Advanced Dental Centre


It is now 2 weeks since you put in my implants and I am just writing to express my grateful appreciation of the excellent work you did in my mouth. I now cook at all food and know that I can eat it properly and enjoy it all thanks to your wonderful skill and expertise. I was just so lucky that Charlotte knew you to be an excellent dentist(also a fun one!) which you certainly proved to be. Thank you so much. Never ever can I say that any of my previous visits to a Dentist have been so enjoyable! Do hope you are now settled in your new flat. I am sure you will be happy in it. Look forward to seeing you again at my next check- up – very happy to make the longer journey! Best wishes


My daughter has been under treatment from Dr. Fern Jean-Joseph for the past 12 months. My daughter has a considerable cross-bite problem and we have had an excellent level of professional service. We have had very good results within the cost and time scale discussed and I am extremely happy to recommend Dr Jean- Joseph.

S. Vallence

I have been a patient for about 5 years and have always felt that my wishes and concerns were met and taken seriously by Dr. Jean-Joseph. I had braces for less than 2 years to correct my bottom teeth and was extremely pleased with the results. I now come regularly to have my retainers checked and the opening of the new clinic makes the trip to the dentist more enjoyable. The quality of service and attention to detail are a great success and make me trust Dr. Jean-Joseph completely. Thank you.

Olga Manite

It took a few weeks, cost a bit but the result blew everyone away! - After the completion of the treatment, I regained my lost sense of taste, confidence to socialise and be photographed without being conscious that my teeth cut an ugly sight. I would recommend the RP Advanced Dental and Implant Centre and the procedure to anybody. The sooner you do it, the better the return on your investment and lesser the correction necessary.

Arun Mehta

I guess, like most middle aged males, I only go to the doctor or dentist when, I or my wife who bares the brunt of my complaining, can no longer put up with the pain!! This was the case several years ago when I first visited Dr Rashmi Patel. The fact that I had not visited the dentist for many years for regular check ups was even more surprising as I am the Sales and Market Director for the UK's largest dental materials, consumables and sundries supplier in the UK. In my role, I visit many dental practices in the course of my job. You could say that I have the pick of the UK's very best dental practitioners! I remember so well, that fateful day, when I awoke in excruciating pain, I guess that we have all experienced such agony at sometime or other. I knew that I had to see a dentist but which one? I had a couple of weeks before, visited Dr Patel's surgery on business. I recall thinking at the time, the general ambiance, decoration and tranquil environment was unlike most practices that I had visited and everyone from the receptionist, dental nurse and Dr Patel, were so very friendly and of course professional. So, in-order to release myself from the agony that is a tooth ache I called Dr Patel's practice. Luckily, I was seen on the same day and within a week, the problem was completely resolved. Dr Patel then devised a treatment plan that addressed the many years of neglect that I had inflicted upon my teeth. I would whole heartedly recommend Dr Patel to anyone who needs to see a dentist.

Mike Volk

I have been a patient of Dr. Jean-Joseph for 5 years. I got married in 2002 and when I saw the photographs of my wedding I noticed how crooked my teeth were. At the age of 30, I embarked on Orthodontics. From the first appointment, Fern put me at my ease, explained the process very clearly and what would be involved. She and her team were very supportive. For the 2 years that I had my braces, I could see the progress I was making and what each stage of the process was achieving. Since having my braces removed and achieving perfectly straight teeth, my confidence at work has improved and now I like the photographs of my smile! I have a fixed retainer on my teeth now which is totally invisible, but ensures me that all the good work will last forever. Thank you Fern!

Rachel Clissod-Vassey

As a long term patient I have always been able to rely on a warm welcome and a high standard of treatment, which make each visit a pleasant experience.

Richard Williams

I've been coming for many years and have the greatest confidence in Mrs Patel and the practice. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Considering my age my teeth look pretty good. Tasteful surroundings, all very calming as I'm not the best of patients!

Anna Jones

I have been a patient here for many years and would highly recommend Mrs Patel. She knows her work well! The new renovations have brought the practice very much up to date and it is a clean, professional environment to be treated. Thank you Mrs Patel.

Susie Wagner

Just had root canal and a new crown: excellent job on a very nervous patient. Very happy with the service.

Anne-Sophie Capel

Been coming here for over ten years which says service is very good.

Heini Gunasekera

I feel that I live here! Lots of super treatments (and results). And the nicest staff possible - highly recommend. A very nice experience all round.

Terry Philip Stringer

Courteous, prompt, friendly and efficient. Thanks.

Will Draper

Been coming here for years. Did have a 7 year gap. But staff still as nice as ever.

Kathleen Barrett

Just had preparation for implants. All went well. Very happy with everything so far.

M Robert Skipper

Been coming here for years. Very good, attentive and friendly service. Thanks.

William Pringle

Since I have been coming here (20 years) my dread of dentists has evaporated. Fantastic service, great staff, lovely surroundings and Mrs Patel is absolutely brilliant.

Ann Simons

Came to this place after a long time and was very pleased to see the same warm service by everyone. Mrs Patel is excellent. Would come back any time if have a problem. Keep up the good work!

Reicha Unaikal

I have been coming here for many years. Everyone is so kind and friendly and always very efficient.

Tom McGarry

The very best - Drs are brilliant. I am a very nervous patient. They always put me at ease. I even look forward to coming here. Your hygienist is charming. Receptionists are very friendly, helpful. May this continue always. Many, many thanks.

Warren Eglash

Been coming here for years. Very good, friendly service.

Julie Gansal

We are looking forward to seeing you