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Root Canal Treatment

Skilled endodontics in Hampstead

Root canal treatment is also known as endodontics, referring to when the pulp and nerves of the tooth have succumbed to infection. This kind of infection can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, but it may also cause no symptoms depending on the person. With or without symptoms, if no treatment is completed, the infection will get worse and will eventually kill the tooth which will then require extraction.

The nerve is inside the tooth in an area called the pulp chamber which also holds soft dental tissues, blood and the canals which hold the nerve. When we complete root canal treatment we seek to remove all infection from the pulp chamber which can take just one treatment, or several treatments depending on the complexity of your case.

It is extremely important that root canal treatment is completed in order to save the tooth. A root canal infection can also cause all kinds of unwanted symptoms including deep pain, signs of infection in the body such as a fever and nausea, and in some cases an abscess may occur which is extremely painful.

Here at RP Advanced Dental and Implant Centre we have experienced endodontics professionals in our team who will be able to diagnose the issue and perform precise and effective root canal treatment. The sooner the diagnosis is made, and treatment is completed, the better it is to save you pain, feeling unwell, time, money and most importantly, your natural tooth.

What Does Root Canal Treatment At RP Advanced Dental Involve?

Following diagnosis we will seek to book an appointment for your root canal treatment as soon as possible.

When you visit for your appointment we will apply a local anaesthetic to the area to ensure you are entirely comfortable throughout your treatment with us. Once the anaesthetic has worked we will access the pulp chamber of the tooth and take away all the infected material. Once the infection has gone, we can clean the tooth and then fill it, seal it and place a crown on top to complete the treatment.

In some instances we may temporarily fill or seal the tooth so we can regain access to check the infection has completely gone. Sometimes root canal can take several treatments to complete, as every case is different and we want to ensure all of the infection has gone, giving the tooth the best possible chance of survival.

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