What we do during a routine dental check-up

When it comes to visiting the dentist in Belsize Park, at RP Advanced Dental Care we believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s why we want you to come to us for dental check-ups every six months; although we recommend more frequent visits for patients at greater risk of cavities or gum disease.

What will we do?

When you come to this dentist in Belsize Park for a check-up, we will be on the look-out for problems that people cannot ordinarily detect through sight or sensation, such as early signs of tooth decay, which doesn’t become visible or cause pain until it is more advanced. This goes for other oral health problems too, such as gum disease and mouth cancer.

Dentist in Belsize ParkWe check for signs of problems in your head and neck, feeling through the surface of the skin for swellings and tenderness, which are often signs of infection or disease, particularly in your lymph nodes and salivary glands in your neck. We will also examine your jaw joint to make sure it is working as it should.

Next, we will examine the soft tissues of your mouth, namely your tongue, the inside of your lips and cheeks, and the floor and roof of your mouth, the back of your throat and your tonsils.

Gum disease is something you can’t feel in its early stages and is in fact a far bigger cause of tooth loss than decay. So, during your check-up with the dentist in Belsize Park we make sure we carefully examine your gums for red or puffy gum tissue, gently poking them to see if they bleed easily.

Next we will take a look at how your upper and lower teeth meet. We will also take a good look at each and every tooth, checking for signs of decay on the surface, using a tool called an explorer to poke the enamel to see if it is softer than it should be, a sure sign of decay. We may also take x-rays so we can check for decay inside your teeth.

If you have restorations, such as fillings, braces, bridges, dentures, crowns, or dental implants we will make sure these are in full working order.