Focus on – our range of dental services

When you visit the dentist in Belsize Park at RP Advanced Dental and Implant Centre, we want you to be able to choose from our full range of products and services. Some you may already be familiar with, others might be a surprise. Even if you do not need a particular treatment right now, it is reassuring to know that it’s available if you ever need it.


Dentist in Belsize ParkHygienists are there to help prevent damage to your teeth. They monitor the conditions in your mouth, pick up signs of potential issues and give you advice on how to take care of your smile. If required, they will give you a clean and polish to remove plaque and tartar. This helps to prevent serious or irreparable damage to your teeth caused by bacteria.

The bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugars you eat. That’s why it is important to brush your teeth regularly to remove any deposits that they can feast on. It’s also best to avoid snacking between meals.

Teeth straightening

Your dentist in Belsize Park can recommend methods of straightening to suit yours or your family’s needs. This generally involves a long-term treatment plan that leads to your teeth ending up where you want them to. There are a range of braces available to suit every straightening requirement.

Root canal therapy

This procedure is necessary when your tooth is badly damaged, decayed or infected. At RP Advanced Dental and Implant Centre, we can save your tooth by clearing out the nerves and pulp inside your tooth and sealing it to prevent any further deterioration. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, but you can also have sedation if you are especially anxious about it.

Cosmetic dentistry

If you have all your routine and minor repair work taken care of, it is more likely that you will be able to visit the cosmetic dentist. In Belsize Park, at RP Advanced Dental and Implant Centre, we have an extensive range of procedures to brighten, reshape or adjust your smile. Cosmetic procedures can be simple or more complex. Talk to your dentist about your needs or ask them for recommendations based on your dental circumstances.