A comfortable and convenient experience

As your dentist in NW3, the team at RP Advanced Dental and Implant Centre make sure that maintaining good oral health is a comfortable process. We pay attention to all aspects of your visits to our practice, from the sensitivity of our admin professionals to the décor of our waiting room. This comprehensive approach to your experience as a patient reflects our aim to show you how the health of your teeth is related to your overall quality of life. By assessing and improving your oral health, we make a positive difference to your future wellbeing.

Dentist in NW3A glimpse of the future

We use up-to-date equipment and materials to help you avoid problematic developments in your oral health. By paying twice-yearly visits to our dentist in NW3, you will enable us to spot any early signs of tooth decay that are too subtle for you to see or feel. We will also monitor the condition of your gums, tongue, and cheeks, to see if there are any abnormalities that could indicate a need for treatment.

Remedies and repairs

Whether you have a cavity or a cracked tooth, or you’re unhappy with the discolouration of your teeth that can happen as you age, we will work with you to offer effective, quality treatments that produce reliable results. Plus, you can spread the cost of your improvements with a finance plan, protecting your pockets as well as your health.

Knowledge and training

Our highly trained team keep their dental know-how up to date. We regularly attend workshops and courses to refresh our education and further hone our skills. This means we can offer the most suitable improvements to your particular dental health circumstances.


You can contact one of our friendly team today to arrange an appointment for a check-up, a treatment, or to discuss in more detail any problems you may have. We’d be delighted to get you on your way towards a brighter smile, fresher breath, increased confidence and long-term good dental health.

Contact RP Advanced Dental Care today for a quality, caring dentist in NW3. We are waiting to welcome you into our family of patients.