What we do during a routine dental check-up

When it comes to visiting the dentist in Belsize Park, at RP Advanced Dental Care we believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s why we want you to come to us for dental check-ups every six months; although we recommend more frequent visits for patients at greater risk of cavities or gum disease.

What will we do?

When you come to this dentist in Belsize Park for a check-up, we will be on the look-out for problems that people cannot ordinarily detect through sight or sensation, such as early signs of tooth decay, which doesn’t become visible or cause pain until it is more advanced. This goes for other oral health problems too, such as gum disease and mouth cancer.

Dentist in Belsize ParkWe check for signs of problems in your head and neck, feeling through the surface of the skin for swellings and tenderness, which are often signs of infection or disease, particularly in your lymph nodes and salivary glands in your neck. We will also examine your jaw joint to make sure it is working as it should.

Next, we will examine the soft tissues of your mouth, namely your tongue, the inside of your lips and cheeks, and the floor and roof of your mouth, the back of your throat and your tonsils.

Gum disease is something you can’t feel in its early stages and is in fact a far bigger cause of tooth loss than decay. So, during your check-up with the dentist in Belsize Park we make sure we carefully examine your gums for red or puffy gum tissue, gently poking them to see if they bleed easily.

Next we will take a look at how your upper and lower teeth meet. We will also take a good look at each and every tooth, checking for signs of decay on the surface, using a tool called an explorer to poke the enamel to see if it is softer than it should be, a sure sign of decay. We may also take x-rays so we can check for decay inside your teeth.

If you have restorations, such as fillings, braces, bridges, dentures, crowns, or dental implants we will make sure these are in full working order.

The other thing dental check-ups are for

When you come to your dentist in Belsize Park for a check-up, we aren’t just checking for gum disease and tooth decay, we are also doing a thorough check for signs of cancer.

Mouth cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. Although, it is much less common in the UK, the bad news is that, according to Cancer Research UK, over the last decade, death rates from oral cancer have increased by 21%. The increase affects men and women equally.

Dentist in Belsize ParkWe can help

At RP Advanced Dental Care, your dentist in Belsize Park, we are trained to detect early signs of mouth cancer, and use your six-monthly dental check-ups to carry out a cancer check. These days, after we have checked each of your teeth for signs of decay and destruction, and for signs of gums disease, we also look for early signs of tumours.

We take a good look at the linings of your mouth. Tumours tend to appear on the insides of your cheeks, the roof of your mouth (palate), or the lips or gums. It is possible, but less likely, that tumours can also develop in your saliva glands, your tonsils, and your pharynx – the part of the throat that connects your mouth to your windpipe.

Tumours are experienced as:

  • painful mouth ulcers that don’t get any better
  • strange lumps in the mouth that don’t go away
  • strange lumps in the neck
  • loose teeth, or sockets that won’t heal after extractions
  • lips or tongue that feels numb or odd
  • red or white patches
  • changes in speech, such as a lisp.

Mouth cancer is more likely to affect drinkers and smokers. This may be why more men get it than women and why it is more prevalent in people over 50 and younger than 74.

The reason your Belsize Park dentist checks for mouth cancer is that, if it is caught early, it can often be cured with relatively minor surgery.

Why choose RP Advanced Dental as your Belsize Park Dentist?

If you are looking for a dentist in Belsize Park, look no further than RP Advanced Dental Care. When you decide that you want a new dental practice, it is helpful to know a bit about where you are going and what the practice does. There are some good dental practices in Belsize Park, so why should you come and see us?

We always consider ourselves to be privileged if a patient chooses RP Advanced Dental Care as their dentist in Belsize Park. We know that there are many dental practices out there that you could have chosen and appreciate the trust placed in us when a patients picks our dental practice.

Dentist in Belsize ParkA great team

We have a wonderful team at the practice, all of whom have been specifically trained in what they do. Our whole team is passionate about delivering the best service possible for all our patients, before, during and after treatment. When you visit, you can relax, knowing that you will be looked after by a thoughtful, caring, and capable team, within a dental practice that has been around since 1988.

Our dentists and hygienists are constantly improving the treatments they complete and the services they offer. Our dentists make sure they keep up to date with the latest advances in dental techniques and technology, all so that you can receive modern and effective dental care.

Dr Rashmi Patel MBE

Our principal dentist in Belsize Park, Dr Rashmi Patel, qualified as a dentist in 1977. She took over the RP Advanced Dental Centre premises in 1988 and has built up a loyal patient following who value her individual and understanding approach to dentistry.

Her dedication, allied with modern dental technology, means her treatments will be carried out safely, reliably and with optimal outcomes.

Dr Patel’s impressive achievements don’t end there. She has earnt a well-deserved MBE from the Queen, recognising her life’s work, not only in her own practice but as an appointed dentist to the Royal School and at Howard House Home for Children, as well as being an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons.

So for preventive, restorative and even cosmetic dental treatments that you can trust, choose RP Advanced Dental Care.

Make your dental visits about prevention rather than cure

Generally speaking, 2 things put people off vesting their dentist: the cost and the pain. And yet, both increase the longer you put off a visit.

At RP Advanced Dental Centre, your dentist in Belsize Park, we welcome new patients of all ages. We have a firm focus on preventive dentistry.

Cost saving

Dentistry is not cheap. And the cost can put people off following the standard advice of visiting their dentist for a check-up every 6 months. Indeed, for some people, such as those who have gum disease that needs treatment or monitoring, more frequent check-ups are recommended. On the other hand, if you have excellent oral health, you may be able to have less frequent check-ups. Whichever category you fit into, please remember that when it comes to your teeth, prevention is always going to be better, and therefore cheaper, than the cure.

Dentist in Belsize ParkPreventive dentistry means stopping problems before they start, or catching them early. This almost always makes treatment quicker, simpler, and cheaper.

Early warning signs

Gum disease and tooth decay – the two leading causes of tooth loss – often have few early warning signs for you to spot at home. Thanks to the modern techniques used at our practice, your Belsize Park dentist can often flag these issues up before you’ve even realised you have them.

Because gum disease has been linked to a number of general health conditions, and because tooth loss can damage your ability to eat a healthy diet and cause issues with self-image and mental well-being, it is essential to spot and treat these conditions early.

Our Wand painless injection system and our sedation dentistry options aid us in helping patients whose fear has stopped them seeking treatment for years.

At your initial consultation

When you come to see our Belsize Park dentist for a new patient consultation, we will take a detailed dental and medical history. We will need you to tell us about any conditions you have or medication you are taking, as this can sometimes affect which treatments are suitable for you.

We will also want to know if you have experienced any problems since you last visited a dentist, and, of course, we will carry out our own complete clinical examination.

Cosmetic dentistry custom-made for you

If you’ve lost or damaged a tooth or teeth, then you may find yourself hesitant to smile. Modern dentistry means there are now effective ways to restore your smile. At RP Advanced Dental Centre we take advantage of technology called Cerec to ensure you can get reliable dental restorations quickly. Cerec creates dental restorations such as crowns, inlays, and onlays in just one visit to your cosmetic dentist in NW3.

Cosmetic Dentist in NW3Many dental restorations require more than one visit to the dentist. On the first visit, you may need an injection, your tooth prepared, an impression taken and a temporary restoration put on your tooth. At your second appointment, some weeks later, you may need another injection, the temporary restoration taken off and the permanent restoration put on.

With modern, hectic lifestyles, why go to the surgery a second time when you don’t have to? At RP Advanced Dental Centre with Cerec 3D technology, your cosmetic procedure can be done in a single appointment, from start to finish.

How does Cerec work?

Firstly, your cosmetic dentist in NW3 will examine your teeth and determine the appropriate treatment. It could be a simple filling, or a full crown, depending on how much healthy tooth structure is left. Next, the tooth is prepared for the restoration by removing any decayed and weakened tissue.

Next, instead of biting into a traditional filling tray that you hold in your mouth until it hardens, a camera is used to take a digital picture of your tooth. This whole process only takes around a minute, saving as much of your valuable time as possible.

Next, the Cerec machine creates the restoration for your tooth. It takes the digital picture and converts it into a 3D virtual model on the computer screen. Within a few minutes, the restoration design data is sent to a separate machine, where, within 10 to 20 minutes, your all-ceramic, tooth-coloured restoration is finished and ready to be placed. The restoration is then polished and bonded to the prepared tooth by your cosmetic dentist in NW3. Your tooth is then ready to go, with no temporary fix in place or return trip necessary. All of this is done in a single appointment at our friendly practice.

Your dental check-up with your NW3 dentist

Even if you are vigilant about brushing and flossing your teeth morning and night, you still need to have regular dental check-ups to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Check-ups are vital because only your NW3 dentist can properly examine your mouth for early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer or other dental problems. You will not be able to spot the early signs because they will not be causing you any pain yet.

At RP Advanced Dental Centre, professional cleaning with our hygienist can rid your teeth of plaque and tartar build-up, which accumulate in hard-to-reach areas. Keeping on top of your oral health is the best way to prevent problems in the future. All our new patients receive a comprehensive oral health assessment and are encouraged to discuss their health history and any concerns before proceeding to treatment. Here is what to expect from our NW3 dentist when you have an oral health assessment.

Dentist in NW3Examining your teeth

Our NW3 dentist will carefully examine your teeth for signs of decay, typically using a small mirror with an angled handle and a metal probe. Your dentist will also test how your upper and lower teeth come together, usually by getting you to bite on special coloured paper. We will also look for evidence of tooth grinding and jaw problems. We will look for signs of oral cancer by examining your neck and the soft tissues of your mouth, especially if you are aged 35 or older. Early detection of oral cancer is vital. If you are not entirely certain when you had your last screening, ask us to repeat the screening during your dental check-up. If you are at high risk of oral cancer, you should have screenings every month.

During your examination, we may take x-rays. Also, we will assess the health of the gums and the surrounding jawbone, looking for signs of gum disease. All our findings will be recorded in detail, including the state of any existing fillings and signs of fractures or ledges on your teeth. We make records of the conditions of your crowns, veneers, bridges or implants, checking to see that they still fit well and perform efficiently, as well as look good.

Welcome to RP Advanced Dental Centre

If you are looking for an experienced dentist in NW3, you have come to the right place. We were established in 1987 and provide a full range of dental services for the whole family. Our strong commitment to prevention ensures that your mouth and teeth are healthy through regular, comprehensive check-ups. We also offer restorative and cosmetic treatments. If you are dealing with an emergency such as root canal work or extractions, want to keep your mouth healthy or hope to improve your smile, we can help.

dentist-in-nw3Your needs are our priority

We pride ourselves in offering our patients a comfortable and stress-free experience when they choose us as their dentist in NW3. We treat you as an individual and tailor a programme of treatment to meet your requirements. Our team are highly trained in current procedures and we use modern equipment so whatever you need, you are in safe hands. Patients who trust us as their NW3 dentist know that work will be carried out reliably and responsibly in a safe environment. Nervous patients can relax as we have a great track record of care and can offer pain management and sedation if needed. We respond quickly to your needs and can usually offer emergency care on the same day. Payment plans are also available to spread the cost of your treatment.

A more beautiful smile

A brilliant smile starts with looking after your teeth properly every day and with regular attention from your NW3 dentist. Our experienced hygienist can remove plaque, clean and polish your teeth to keep them strong. However, sometimes your appearance may benefit from a bit of extra help. If your teeth are misaligned, discoloured, damaged or missing, you may feel self-conscious about how you look. Treatments such as invisible braces, veneers, white fillings, teeth whitening and dental implants can all enhance your smile and allow you to live life to the full again.

We look forward to welcoming you when you choose us as your dentist in NW3. Whether you want to maintain your good health, deal with dental issues or give your appearance a boost, we are here to help.

Healthy smiles for a lifetime

Welcome to RP Advanced Dental Centre, your dentist in Hampstead. We all know that a healthy mouth requires regular care and attention but your dental health is about so much more. A good programme of dental care rewards you with a great smile too. If there are no serious problems, we recommend that you visit us twice a year so that we can monitor the health of your teeth and gums. If you have issues such as excessive plaque, cavities, a compromised immune system or exceptional circumstances such as stress or illness, then you may need more regular appointments.

dentist-in-hampsteadYour health is our priority

Patients who choose us as their dentist in Hampstead appreciate our commitment to your wellbeing. Prevention is better than cure, so we carefully monitor for early signs of tooth decay and any other oral health problems. Early detection usually means that treatment is easier and more effective. Checking the tooth enamel visually and using an instrument called an explorer allows us to test for tooth decay and cavities. Gum health is also vital, which is why we look out for signs of disease such as redness, swelling or bleeding. If you have fillings or restorations such as bridges, crowns or dentures, your dentist will also check that they are properly maintained and comfortable.

Comprehensive care

In our experience, dental health goes beyond your teeth and gums, so we also examine your head and neck. Enlarged or tender glands could be a sign of infection or disease. Also, looking at the structure of the jaw can tell us whether it is working properly or whether there are problems with your bite. As an established dentist in Hampstead, we use a variety of techniques including x-rays and impressions to ensure that we provide a thorough examination. As well as regular dental services, we also offer cosmetic work so you can enjoy the smile you’ve always wanted. We can straighten and enhance the appearance of your teeth, as well as provide tooth replacements where necessary.

Invest in your dental health and appearance and join the hundreds of patients who value us as their Hampstead dentist.

More than just general dentistry in Hampstead

If you are looking for a dentist in Hampstead who can take excellent care of your oral health and wellbeing, and also help you transform your teeth and gums to give you the smile you have always wanted, then RP Advanced Dental is the place for you.

dentist-in-hampsteadThe world of dentistry is full of technological innovation. Your dentist in Hampstead does regular training to bring you the latest techniques, and also invests regularly in the latest technologies available.

This means that when you come to see Dr Rashmi Patel MBE, and her five fellow dentists in Hampstead, you can rest assured that you are getting an up to date treatment.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, natural-looking enhancement to your smile, at RP Advanced Dental, we have a range of treatments to offer, and the expertise to help you pick the right one to give you your desired outcome.

Here are a few ways we can help you achieve your dream smile.

White fillings

These can be used to replace old amalgam fillings, so that when you smile people will no longer be able to see how many cavities you have had. Your cosmetic dentist can also use white fillings to treat and seal any new cavities you have. Because white fillings set hard and can be shaped, we can create a solid chewing surface, something which is not possible with amalgam.


These tiny, long-lasting sheaths slip over and are fixed to your natural teeth to enhance the colour, shape and appearance of your teeth, instantly covering cracks, chips and misalignments.

Teeth straightening

Depending on the issues you face, and your lifestyle and budget, we can help you straighten your teeth with the most suitable braces from several systems we offer. Choose between traditional metal braces, clear braces, invisible braces and clear aligners. Each system has its advantages, which is why we offer all of them.

Cerec Restoration

This places bio compatible restorations on your teeth in a single visit.

Gum contouring and teeth reshaping

If you have too much gum covering your teeth, we can raise your gum line using a laser technique. We can also subtly reshape your teeth to hide imperfections and so avoid more expensive ways of resolving your issues.

Three reasons you should visit a cosmetic dentist in Hampstead

Do you ever consider cosmetic dentistry, but you don’t know where to begin? There are quite a few reasons why visiting a cosmetic dentist is a good idea – from increasing your confidence in your smile to ensuring that you prevent future problems.

At RP Advanced Dental Care in Hampstead, cosmetic dentistry is all about creating a positive change for your teeth and your smile. Our cosmetic procedures for discoloured, chipped, misshapen or missing teeth are carried out by Dr Rashmi Patel, a cosmetic dentist with a high level of academic training and many years of experience with patients. All cosmetic treatments at RP Advanced Dental Care are tailored to the requirements and expectations of each patient.

cosmetic-dentist-in-hampsteadHere are three reasons why you should visit a cosmetic dentist in Hampstead.

Looking for a brighter smile

Tooth whitening is one of the first treatments that come to mind when thinking of cosmetic dentistry. And for good reason. A bright smile can improve your self-confidence and make you feel more comfortable with your appearance. At RP Advanced Dental Care we can safely brighten the colour of your teeth using various methods. Whether you opt for an in-chair treatment at the surgery or at-home Zoom teeth whitening under the guidance of your Hampstead cosmetic dentist, your teeth will look and feel white and shiny for several months.

Fix your cracked or chipped teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is an effective and long-lasting solution to cracked or chipped teeth. Cracks and chips are unattractive, but they can also impact chewing and your overall oral health. We use white fillings and porcelain veneers to repair cracks, chips and gaps in your teeth.

Prevent future problems

Even if you don’t have any problems with your smile at present, you certainly want to keep it that way. Visiting your dentist for check-ups is highly recommended, but a cosmetic dentist can take your oral health a step further. This is because cosmetic dentists are trained to look at your teeth in greater detail and can discern not so common dental problems, that could result in tooth decay or other issues.

Find out more

To find out more about our cosmetic dentistry services, or to schedule an appointment, call us today.